HEA 2024 Class Descriptions (Tawa)

  Class Descriptions - Tawa
  1    basic
  1-2   basic but some stretch required
  2   for those with some barbershop experience
  2-3   for those with some solid experience or desire to extend
  3   advanced
Effective rehearsal techniques

Coach: Henri
Level : 2-3
Do you feel like you have run out of ideas to keep your chorus engaged and motivated? This class is aimed at front-line leaders who need some new tips and tricks to keep rehearsals effective and fun.
Get the most out of HarmonySite

Coach: Antony
Level : 1
Want to know more about HarmonySite, the BHNZ website platform? Dipped your toes in and want to extend your use? Interested in getting on board? This session will be a bit of a show and tell on how the site runs, and the things you can do with it once you get on board. We'll look at both the public site and the members site. This class will be shared live by Zoom (free) for any BHNZ member to join from anywhere in New Zealand at 9am Saturday 6 April 2024.
How to Ring Chords

Coach: Andrew
Level : 2
Harmonics, overtones, resonance and some other juicy singing stuff.
Inclusivity in Barbershop - taking gender out of the equation

Coach: Will
Level : 1
How does our language in leadership invoke a feeling of belonging? This class will explore how directors, chapter leaders, coaches and barbershoppers can start to deconstruct unnecessary gendered concepts in barbershop culture. By removing gendered expectations, we can move to be a gender-celebratory organisation that welcomes everyone as they are.
Knowledge Retention - making it stick

Coach: Andrew
Level : 1
Do you have trouble applying learned knowledge? This class will give you a roadmap for how to quickly become a better musician.
Musicality – getting the most out of the arrangement

Coach: Harry B
Level : 1
A cappella means singing without instruments and it's against the rules in contest but no-one said anything about pretending to sound like one. How can we use the original source material of our arrangements to inform our musical choices?
Performance techniques

Coach: Michael
Level : 2
Often left until the end, a performance plan will lift the entertainment value of your ensemble to the next level. Bring your song arrangement along to start building your performance plan. This class will give you tools to make it part of your practice.
Sequential learning

Coach: Matt
Level : 2-3
Does it ever feel like you take two steps backwards sometimes when working on a song? The sequential learning process, designed by Dr Philip Grant, is an amazing tool to make sure all the boxes are ticked when it comes to learning music. It's not just about learning notes and words!
So you want to be a coach?

Coach: Charlotte
Level : 2-3
Discuss the skills it takes to become a coach and learn some ways to get started on your coaching journey.
The Basics - dipthongs, vowels, alignment (The pyramid explained)

Coach: Rachel
Level : 1
Let's bring it back to the basics. With help from our barbershop pyramid diagram, we will build our singing skills beginning with alignment then add tools such as target vowels and dipthongs to unlock a smooth ring. These tools will be directly transferrable to your chorus and quartet singing! This class requires practical participation.
Vocal Health

Coach: Alex
Level : 1
A look into the voice and its overall health and function. Sometimes it hurts, completely disappears, or even just sounds different. Let's learn why and what we can do about it.
What makes a great quartet - GENERAL SESSION

Coach: Matt
Level : 2-3
What does it take to be part of a great quartet? We'll look into a variety of different areas of quartetting including technique, execution, rehearsals, having fun and much more! We'll also discuss what keeps quartets great. Even if you don't sing in a quartet, this session will be valuable for your ongoing barbershop career.