Chorus and Quartet Contests – membership and rules
Under the recent introduction of Everyone in Harmony, BHNZ has opened its competition doors to Mixed and Women’s choruses and quartets. At the upcoming Power of Harmony Convention 2021 hosted in Palmerston North in September, there will be separate contests for Men’s, Women’s and Mixed groups. The following information gives guidelines for how to join and the competition rules.
Process for a Chorus to Join Barbershop Harmony New Zealand (BHNZ)
All members of a chorus must first become a member of BHNZ:
  • The chorus submits membership data to BHNZ Treasurer, Robert Kurz. Please ask your membership representative to contact Robert for further information on how to do this at
  • The chorus will receive an invoice covering all members
  • Once the invoice is paid, the chorus members become full financial members of BHNZ
  • The chorus is able to register and compete at the convention

Process for a Quartet to Join Barbershop Harmony New Zealand (BHNZ)
If the four individuals are already a member of BHNZ via their chorus, a quartet doesn’t need to do anything further. For quartet members not already a financial member of BHNZ, please see instructions below to become a Member-at-Large. Quartets do not need to register with BHNZ as a separate entity.
Process for an Individual to become a Member-at-Large
  • Submit membership information to BHNZ Treasurer Robert Kurz via this link
  • You will receive an invoice
  • Once paid you will become a full financial member of BHNZ
  • You able to register and compete at the convention

Membership of BHNZ (and subsequently affiliation to the US body Barbershop Harmony Society) requires the following information:
Full name
Phone contacts
Emergency contact
Birth date
Chorus name (if applicable)
Voice part
Quartet name (if applicable)

BHNZ competition rules can be found here

We look forward to welcoming you!
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