HEA 2022 Course Outlines


Aligning our left and right brain for barbershop
Come along to learn some strategies that will align left and right brain thinking. Use the art of singing to develop your performance. 
Rachel Roberts & Jack Baker
Arranging super basics
If you have ever wondered how to start arranging and you know how to write major and minor chords, then this would be a great session for you! We will talk about voice parts, ranges (high / low voices), voice leading and will talk about basic chords, and which voice sings what so that you can leave the class being able to harmonise.
(El Rancho only)
Rowena Harper
Copyright, not wrong
Copyright compliance is a minefield, with so many different parties involved, and complex rules. We'll discuss how the copyright system works, how to purchase legal music, what to do when an arrangement is not available in New Zealand, and how to deal with the Hal Leonard and Alfred agencies.
Richard Harker
Directing for beginners or pros
We'll go over the basics of conducting then apply what you know by directing part of a song or a tag to the class. Get live feedback on the next steps to enhance your conducting and learn from watching others. 
Charlotte Murray
Duetting as a rehearsal technique for Chorus
Learn the technique only champions know! This practice method followed by After Hours is the quickest way to improve your technical level. During this session we will apply the technique to the class as a chorus so we can hear how quickly we can master the fundamentals of singing.
Andrew Grieve
Kee kee kee! It's all about the vowels
By the end of this class, we will have learned how to keep vowels in the vowel tunnel to produce a consistent and resonant tone. You may be surprised how litte effort this actually takes and how relaxed your singing will become.
Jill Rodgers
Learn the language of barbershop through tag singing
Swipe, scissors, post, hangers, tiddly, 5th wheeling, moon 9th, bell chords...wondering what these words all mean? Expand you barbershop vocabulary while enjoying some tags together!
Charlotte Murray
Learning to sight sing
Want to know what all those black dots on the page mean? Want to learn your part faster without having to play the learning track a million times? Sight singing is the ability to sing music as you read it, so come along and start your journey towards becoming a pro sight singer!
Matt Barris
Never run out of breath again!
How do we improve our breath management without creating tension? Learn about increasing vocal efficiency by keeping air flow consistent and vocal fold closure ideal. If you can pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time, you're already winning!
Jill Rodgers
Performance Intensive - authenticity on stage
Learn strategies and techniques that will help you transcend the simple performance category ‘checklists’ to unlock the creation of believable ART as your authentic selves (and beyond).
Liam Whitney
Pot luck arranging (share session)
Bring your barbershop/a cappella arrangement on computer or on paper for some feedback from a supportive audience. Who knows what we might find, offer, sing or suggest? If you don't bring something to share, I will!
(El Rancho only)
Rowena Harper
Repertoire refresh
Get inspired with some easy to learn songs for your chorus or quartet. Listen to learning tracks and discuss arrangements that you may not have heard before - all are relatively easy to sing, interesting, and great for your audiences!
Richard Harker
Mixed Bag – a class for all-voice singers
From mixed quartetting tips to mixing it up with song selection to getting more of your community in the mix. Everyone in Harmony is welcome!
Henrietta Hunkin-Tagaloa and Will Hunkin
Singing and going to the gym!
Explore how the psychology of learning and the culture of martial arts and sports can help you to discover your potential. Learn how you can take your singing to the next level and reveal your hidden talents.
Jack Baker
The development of barbershop inclusion
Building on last year’s valuable group discussions at HEA on Everyone in Harmony, this session will facilitate further discussions on initiatives including the contest setting, providing an opportunity to touch base about inclusivity in your barbershop context, and constructive tips around song choice and inclusive language.
(El Rancho only)
Josh Ellery
Unlock your voice's potential with SOVT (Semi Occluded Vocal Tract) exercises.
Have you ever felt like your voice was weak and breathy? SOVT exercises can help you unlock a more complete and robust tone in your voice. In this session, we will learn the concept behind SOVT exercises and explore multiple practical methods to use them to better our singing.
Tejas Menon
The BHS Judging System
Whether you're new to competing under the BHNZ system, interested in considering becoming a judge or simply wanting a refresh of the role of the judge and the 3 scoring categories, join Michael as he discusses the process a judge goes through at contest, including ongoing learning to score, evaluate and support ensembles to be their best.
(Chch only)
Michael Markham
Beginner's Arranging - Writing for Voices
This will cover the process of writing the four voice parts in barbershop, and how we can make each voice part achievable for the singer/s performing it.
(Chch only)
Will Lynch
Arranging 2 - Constructing Barbershop Harmony
This will cover the stylistic features of barbershop arrangements, and how an arranger uses harmony and rhythm to create development in the music in order to maintain interest throughout the arrangement.
(Chch only)
Will Lynch
Advanced Arranging - Creating the Barbershop Style
We'll spend a couple of hours workshopping arrangements (yours and mine) to maximise opportunities for barbershop stylistic features, looking at the arc of the music and how we can create interest and development.
(Chch only)
Will Lynch