HEA 2022 Course Outlines

Coach Class Title Class description
Michael Markham You Be the Judge Whether you're new to competing under the BHNZ system, interested in considering becoming a judge or simply wanting a refresh of the role of the judge and the 3 scoring categories, join Michael as he discusses the process a judge goes through at contest.
Andrew Grieve How do we retain learning from coaching? Do you ever feel like you are given suggestions but have trouble applying the knowledge? This class will give you a roadmap on how you as an individual singing in a chorus or quartet can quickly become a better musician.
Matt Barris Sequential Learning Process An awesome and super helpful way to learn music! Learn all about Dr Philip Grant's amazing Sequential Learning Process. The process will leave you with not only the notes and words learnt but also an idea of the interpretation, how you are going to sing it and what you need to tackle first in rehearsal.
Josh Ellery Vocal Health & Confidence
(Wellington only)
 The voice is a temperamental beast! In this session, we’ll look at ways to build healthy singing habits in a physical sense, as well as explore the importance of wellbeing and reflexivity in building confidence as singers.
Jack Baker Whakawhanaunga - building mana and rapport in your ensemble  Wondering how you can lift your quartet or chorus to the next level? We will look at how the psychology of leadership, teamwork and influence can guide your chorus and quartets to new levels.
Jack Baker and Rachel Roberts How your body and brain interact to help you perform to your max How does the brain and body work together to produce barbershop? We will explore the anatomy of the body and mind to help you in your journey of discovering your full potential as performer and a singer.
Tejas Menon How SOVT can help unleash the full potential of our voices Ever struggled with a breathy tone? I certainly have, and SOVT exercises helped me improve my voice to one that is full and rich. Come along and learn techniques to elevate the tone of our voices in a simple and effective method.
Tejas Menon Lessons from the page and the original song Ever wondered how to interpret the music on a page? In this seminar, we will learn how to extract musical ideas from the original songs and the arrangement to best perform the piece of sheet music in front of us.
Liam Whitney The Vagus Nerve and Performance - Underglass Intensive. Be present as a quartet is safely guided through the maze of authentic human emotion. Learn the industry secret that the top quartets utilise on the international stage.
Liam Whitney ACTOR vs SINGER Learn about the new exciting direction the Performance Category is headed in. Analyse the difference between great singers and great actors, and discover new concepts to help build your own performance skills.
Jill Rodgers Develop your coaching skills - for coaches and front line directors Build increasing success into your coaching style - a practical class where you will be reminded about using inclusive, clear and concise language and the 3 Ws of effective feedback. Ensembles will wonder why they loved their rehearsal so much or why your coaching session was so successful!
Jill Rodgers Improve your conducting Would you like to eliminate synch errors from your chorus performance? We can cater to where you are at in your journey whether it is refining your gestures, adding to your toolbox of skills, or stretching you with subdivision and elements of the beat patterns to improve synch.
Charlotte Murray Building a performance plan How to build a performance plan to unify your purpose as an ensemble and create more  impactful, genuine performances.

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