Coaching Certification Programme

HEA Candidate Programme

The BHNZ Coaching Certification Programme has been developing coaching talent in New Zealand since 2016 in order to develop the pool of qualified coaches available to choruses and quartets in New Zealand. The programme was the initiative of the National Education  Coordinator with the Education Team and draws on members of BHNZ who are already experienced and successful with a wide range of barbershop skills and knowledge of the craft. .  

Qualities of a Coaching Candidate

The Coaching Candidate will rate highly in all, or nearly all, of the following categories which are ranked in order of importance:

  • Ability to teach

  • Openness to learning

  • Reliability and commitment

  • People skills and rapport

  • Expertise/technical knowledge

  • Leadership skills/mana

  • Geographical area

  • Barbershop experience

Next intake of coaching candidates: August 2020

Download the full Role Description here.

View the weighted selection criteria here

Certified coaches 2018:
  • Kisena Asi, Wellington
  • Richard Harker, Auckland
  • Henrietta Hunkin-Tagaloa, Wellington
  • Michael Markham, Wellington
Coaching Candidates 2018-2020
  • Seth Bocknek, Wellington
  • Josh Ellery, Wellington
  • Andrew Grieve, Christchurch
  • Jacob Moore, Auckland

Read the profiles of the 2018 Certified Coaches here.


Jill Rodgers

Coaching Certification Programme Leader

027 274 2234