HEA 2021
Christchurch – Middleton Grange School
28 – 30 May 2021
When What
6.30pm Meet & greet
7.00pm Keynote address – How Barbershop started in NZ
8.00pm General warm up
8.30pm Chorus Jumble – Rehearsal with coaches
You will be placed into mixed chapter choruses called:
  • Mixed
  • Muddled
  • Motley
  • Mashed
9.30pm Jumble Chorus performances
9.45pm Ice-cream
9.00am General Warm up
9.30am Education classes 1
  • Mixed singing techniques – Henri and Will
  • Performance Techniques for frontline teachers – Charlotte
  • Be an artist, not just a singer – Richard Harker
  • Rehearsal techniques for quartet and chorus – duets and trios – Andrew Grieve
11.00am Regional Quartet Qualifying Contest
12.00pm Evaluations / Community singing
12.30pm LUNCH
1.30pm Education classes 2
  • Inclusivity and Belonging – follow up discussion – Josh Ellery
  • Matching resonance to improve unity – Jill
  • Sight singing to speed up learning – Richard Harker
  • Behind the scenes – your body the instrument – Matt Barris
2.30pm Education classes 3
  • Rehearsing your quartet – Will
  • Straw phonation for vocal health – Matt Barris
  • Music and embellishments – Josh Ellery
  • How to start a mixed chorus - Charlotte
4.00pm Large chorus coaching:
Muddled and Motley /Mixed and Mashed
5.15pm Large Chorus performances
5.30pm DINNER
7.30pm Saturday Night Show* – to include quartets, choruses, Youth Chorus, combo choruses (large with small), ‘Non-member’ Chorus, Mixed Chorus, talent spots, guest artists
9.30pm Afterglow
9.00am General warm up
9.30am Education Class:
Coaching a chorus under glass
11.00am Panel Discussion – what do choruses in the South Island need and want?
12.00pm LUNCH