HEA 2024 Class Descriptions (Hamilton)

  Class Descriptions - Hamilton
  1    basic
  1-2   basic but some stretch required
  2   for those with some barbershop experience
  2-3   for those with some solid experience or desire to extend
  3   advanced
Arranger's Course - making better choices

Coach: Rowena
Level: 2
Chord voicing can affect how well singers can sing a chart.  Together we will look at harmonising a chart in better ways to help singers hold pitch, and to more easily find their note. Music notation skills are strongly recommended for this class, and participants should have arranged something before, prior to attending.
Authenticity - The Tool Kit

Coach: Liam
Level : 2-3
Critique performances, take part in discussion, and try out some techniques that will help bring out your authentic self on stage.
Breath Management - sustain phrases with ease

Coach: Jill
Level : 1
Most singers try to use too much air. Understanding the breathing mechanism will transform your singing and free you up to enjoy the music - well, at least to think about all the other things you need to do!
Copyright compliance in practice - walk through the steps.

Coach: Richard
Level : 1
How do you ensure you have legal copies of sheet music? Learn how to ensure all performances are compliant with APRA requirements, and how to comply with legal obligations for recordings and social media. Scenario-based learning.

Coach: Liam
Level : 2
Collaboration + Fellowship + Positivity = EXTREME WARM UPS!
How to give a PVI

Coach: Richard
Level : 3
A tried and tested, successful methodology for Personal Vocal Instruction (PVI) sessions. Help each of your singers get to their next level.
How to learn a new song quickly using learning tracks

Coach: Richard
Level : 1
A step-by-step practical guide to using learning tracks. Please bring your smartphone or tablet as we will use apps to make your song learning process easier.
Inclusivity in Barbershop - taking gender out of the equation

Coach: Will L
Level : 1
How does our language in leadership invoke a feeling of belonging? This class will explore how directors, chapter leaders, coaches and barbershoppers can start to deconstruct unnecessary gendered concepts in barbershop culture. By removing gendered expectations, we can move to be a gender-celebratory organisation that welcomes everyone as they are.
So you want to be a coach?

Coach: Charlotte
Level : 2-3
Discuss the skills it takes to become a coach and learn some ways to get started on your coaching journey.
The Basics - dipthongs, vowels, alignment (The pyramid explained)

Coach: Rachel
Level : 1
Let's bring it back to the basics. With help from our barbershop pyramid diagram, we will build our singing skills beginning with alignment then add tools such as target vowels and dipthongs to unlock a smooth ring. These tools will be directly transferrable to your chorus and quartet singing! This class requires practical participation.
Vocal Health

Coach: Alex
Level : 1
A look into the voice and its overall health and function. Sometimes it hurts, completely disappears, or even just sounds different. Let's learn why and what we can do about it.
Vowels and resonance - how they are so intertwined

Coach: Jill
Level : 1
When members of a quartet or chorus match target vowels with correct shapes and vocal mechanisms, that's when the magic happens! Come and take part of some of that magic and maximise your own overtones.
What makes a song musical?

Coach: Tejas
Level : 2-3
What makes music musical? Come along and listen to various pieces of music, sing some polecats, and come up with a toolkit of working answers to the question of what makes music musical!