Harmony Education Aotearoa 2020

So You Think You Got Rhythm (Session #5)

The first session on Saturday morning (after the warm-up session) is "So You Think You Got Rhythm".

Even if you think you know rhythm and all its intricacies, this session with Joe Cerutti will reframe your beliefs about the importance of rhythm in rehearsing songs. Joe will break down the concepts of rhythm into three steps that will work across all ability levels. You will also learn how rehearsing rhythm translates into performance.

The song for this session is "Drivin' Me Crazy" by Bob Disney.  You can download the sheet music and learning tracks for this song using the links below, so that you can learn it before coming to HEA 2020. The "half speed" versions of the learning tracks have been slowed down to make it easier to learn.

Please learn this song off by heart - NO sheet music will be allowed on the risers. No exceptions. Readers will need to sit out and listen only. Joe is teaching this class on rhythm so your full attention will be required.

(Note: Right click on the links below and select "Save link as" or "Save target as" to download the files to your computer).

  Drivin' Me Crazy - Sheet Music
  Drivin' Me Crazy - Lead
  Drivin' Me Crazy - Tenor
  Drivin' Me Crazy - Baritone
  Drivin' Me Crazy - Bass
  Drivin' Me Crazy - Full
  Drivin' Me Crazy - Lead (half speed)
  Drivin' Me Crazy - Tenor (half speed)
  Drivin' Me Crazy - Baritone (half speed)
  Drivin' Me Crazy - Bass (half speed)
  Drivin' Me Crazy - Full (half speed)

Note: This music is provided only for the purposes of HEA 2020.

You must NOT distribute it and if your chorus or quartet wish to learn or perform this song you MUST obtain copyright and performance permission.